5 Of The Best Items To Give Your Dog More Personal Space
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Dogs are wonderfully social creatures. There’s nothing like having your beloved pooch accompany you on a long walk, a trip to run errands, or lounging and relaxing together in the garden.

But it’s also vital that you grant your resident canine a little personal space from time to time. Adding some comfort items and canine furniture can be an easy and thoughtful way to do so.

This is especially important now when many people are sheltering in place. Your dog probably loves that you’re spending so much time at home, but they also might appreciate a place to rest and relax on their own once in a while.

Here are five items that DogTime recommends to give your dog more personal space!

1. A Sturdy Dog Crate

dog crate

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A dog crate might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about giving your dog more personal space, but they can grant a sense of calm and sanctuary to even the most outgoing canine.

A crate is a bit like your dog’s personal bedroom. They can relax and feel safe there. You can make it even more comfortable and cozy if you add a mat or pad to your dog’s crate.

Frisco’s double door dog crate not only comes in a wide range of sizes to ensure it’s a spacious fit for any dog, but it also folds down easily for convenient storage or transportation needs.

You can get it on Chewy here!

2. A Doggy Exercise Pen

dog pen

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A playpen is a top notch solution to finding a way to offer your dog a safe and secure way to exercise in limited spaces.

The version above is super secure with double locks and extra safety clips, while its flexible foldable construction allows you to easily re-shape it into a square, a rectangle, or an octagon to add variety to play sessions.

You can get it on Chewy here!

3. An Elevated, Indoor-Outdoor Dog Bed

elevated dog bed

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Every dog loves a good lounging session, so why not offer an extra level of comfort by adding an elevated dog bed to your homestead?

The steel-framed dog bed above is sturdy and resilient while also utilizing breathable fabric so your dog stays cool and comfortable, even during extra long relaxation sessions. It’s quick and easy to assemble too, and its design ensures that it’s equally appropriate for indoor or outdoor placement.

You can get it on Chewy here!

4. A Comfy, Easy-To-Move Dog Bed

dog bed

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When staying cozy is the number one priority, a plush and comfortable dog bed is a must. And one of the benefits of the bed above is that it’s easy to take with you wherever you happen to bring your pup.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, this rectangular dog bed includes cushioned bolsters to ensure that your favorite pooch feels secure as they sneak in a nap, and its tapered design means that even animals with mobility issues are able to easily enter the bed.

For multi-species pet homes, the bed also works a charm with any resident felines.

You can get it on Chewy here!

5. A Portable Pet Gate

dog gate

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Many times, enjoying personal space means respecting boundaries, and the MyPet portable pet gate above is a convenient and easy way to do so at home.

Designed to fit any standard doorway that measures between 26 and 40 inches, this portable pet gate locks together via its EZ-track system and is constructed from highly durable plastic.

You can block off a room that your dog can have all to themselves. This is great for dogs who are still potty training, prone to anxious chewing or digging, or who need to stay in a safe space while their humans aren’t home.

You can get it on Chewy here!

How do you give your dog more personal space? Have you come across a great product that helps your canine find some secluded down time? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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