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Living through a shelter in place situation can be tough. But along with taking all of the necessary personal steps to safeguard your family and your community, it’s important that you don’t overlook your dog’s welfare!

One of the best ways to reassure your dog that all is calm and well during times of stress and crises is to lavish them with a little extra time and attention. Adding a few new dog toys to the regular rotation can be an effective way to let them know you care and give you a chance to interact and play with them.

Here are five great toys to help you bond with your dog during shelter in place.

1. A Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy

monkey dog toy(Picture Credit: Frisco via

Most dogs adore squeaking toys, and this monkey character toy from Frisco is a double dose of fun. Not only does the built-in squeaker pep up play times, but the inclusion of a rope adds a new dimension to activity sessions.

Adding even more value to the toy, it’s made of ultra-plush fabric so it can be re-purposed into a snuggle pal during naps!

It’s nice and soft for easy indoor games of tug-of-war and fetch!

You can get it on Chewy here!

2. A Rope Dog Toy

dog rope toy(Picture Credit: Frisco via Chewy)

There are very few dogs who can resist the lure of a rope toy, and this one includes a rope handle designed to maximize the distance you can throw it during games of fetch in the garden.

The rubber ball that’s incorporated into the toy’s design also includes an extra loud squeaker to amp up the excitement.

You can get it on Chewy here!

3. A Dog Ball

kong ball toys(Picture Credit: KONG via

Dogs love to chase and fetch balls whether they’re indoors or outdoors. So why not stock up on a wallet-friendly six pack of KONG’s popular SqueakAir balls?

Designed to resemble a traditional tennis ball, these durable toys also include a squeaker toy inside to ensure that your canine is both physically and mentally satisfied.

While the material used to create the balls is specially designed to be super durable, it’s also non-abrasive so that it won’t hurt or aggravate your dog’s teeth and gums.

You can get it on Chewy here!

4. A Frisbee Dog Toy

dog frisbee(Picture Credit: KONG via

A frisbee is a classic dog toy that you can use for hours upon hours of catch and fetch sessions in your backyard.

KONG’s eye-catching bright red frisbee is constructed out of durable rubber to make sure it’s a long lasting addition to the toy vault.

The frisbee is also available in small and large sizes to ensure that every athletic pooch can take part in the backyard fun and games.

You can get it on Chewy here!

5. A Bone Dog Toy

rope bone dog toy(Picture Credit: KONG via

Satisfy your puppy’s craving for gnawing down on a bone or two by adding a rubber bone toy to your next play date.

Specifically designed for young pups, the grips of this pink rubber bone can house snacks, while the addition of a rope element offers up a new texture for inquisitive canines.

This one is lots of fun for indoor games and chew sessions.

You can get it on Chewy here!

Have you added a new toy to your regular rotation recently? What other ways do you bond with your dog while you’re stuck at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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