K9 Immunity Improvement

k9 Immunity plays a major role in protecting it from infection with many types of bacteria and viruses, which can cause severe damage to it and any dog’s immunity is of two types; Innate, and acquired.

The innate immunity decrease significantly If a healthy balanced diet is not available or the environment surrounding the dog is contaminated. As for the acquired k9 Immunity, the dog gets it through the appropriate vaccinations for them, which are taken periodically, and during this article, we will explain in detail 8 effective ways to improve and strengthen the k9 Immunity.

By use of certain types of vitamins.
By dog immunomodulators.
By providing a healthy and balanced diet for the dog.
By ensuring your dog gets comfortable.
By entertaining your dog and exercising.
By Introducing probiotics to the dog.
By Introducing the Altai mummy to the dog twice a year.
By Protecting the dog from parasites.

Ways to improve and strengthen k9 Immunity:

After the dog has received all necessary vaccinations some tips work to raise the efficiency of k9 Immunity system and the most important of them are:

1. The use of certain types of vitamins

During the winters the temperatures significantly drops with heavy rains so the K9 needs to strengthen its immunity. Providing vitamin complex with combination of minerals, zinc, calcium, and iron will be a good idea. it must also contain all important vitamins in addition to iodine, magnesium, selenium, and manganese to improve k9 Immunity system.

2. Using dog immunomodulators

If the k9 Immunity is weak and the appearance of some symptoms that confirm it; Weakness, lethargy, and lack of appetite then a immunosuppressants become a suitable choice. Where you can depend on Emphonal, Maxidin, echinacea tincture, rambutan, cicloverone, Jamavit, however its better a veterinarian is consulted.

3. Providing Balanced and Healthy diet for the K9

One of the most important reasons for a strong k9 Immunity is supplying of healthy balanced diet, So that he is given all the nutrients that his body needs. Therefore, do not rely on providing dry food or homemade foods completely to the dog, rather other ingredients should be included. Including whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, boiled meat, while continuing to provide dairy products several times a week, and it is never recommended to provide raw meat to the dog. As it may cause worms.

4. Ensure that the dog gets comfortable

The dog keeps visits various places, travels, and moves continuously between veterinary clinics. It could be a major reason for a dog feeling exhausted and tired, So to ensure your dog has peace of mind and is not overstressed, it is better to reduce these visits to a moderate extent.

5. Entertainment and exercise for the dog

The K9 will improves its physic dramatically when the owner takes him outdoors for jogging or even simple walks. Therefore, it is important to allocate play time with the dog every day outdoors, during hot and cold weather, and that these rounds should not be limited to very little time to meet the natural needs which will gradually improve your k9 Immunity.

6. Introducing probiotics to the dog

If your dog suffers from bouts of diarrhea or constipation, The probiotics become very effective as it works to boost the k9 Immunity system and improve the condition of the bacteria in the intestine.

7. Supplying the Altai mummy twice a year to the dog

One of the most important tools that work to renew and strengthen the k9 Immunity system: The Altai mummy drank twice a year, with one cycle lasting about twenty days, so one dose of the mummy should be given to the dog for five kilograms of weight daily.

8. Providing protection for the dog from parasites

There is a special remedy that protects the dog from parasites; This treatment includes sucking blood from over the shoulders of the dog at a rate of once a month and offering a pill of worms to your dog on an average of once every three or four months.


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