Will Tesla’s “Dog Mode” Keep Your Pooch Safer In The Car?
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Love is in the air in February with Valentine’s Day still fresh in our minds. So it’s fitting that Elon Musk’s energy and automotive company, Tesla, is showering pets with a lot of love! Tesla recently released “Dog Mode,” a new car setting meant to ensure your pet is safe in the car when you have to step out on errands.

Dog Mode uses many of the controls and technology in Tesla’s lineup of cars so that your pooch will feel safe on car rides.

Temperature control is a major feature. When you step out of the car, your pet won’t have to suffer in the heat or cold because the car regulates the interior temperature. Best of all, a jumbo screen displays the temperature in the car. This way, a passersby will not worry that your dog might be in danger of heat stroke or hypothermia.

However, Dog Mode isn’t a replacement for your responsibility as a dog owner. Here are some things to know about Tesla’s new Dog Mode.

What Dog Mode Is All About

Dog Mode is a good addition to the safety and security controls that Tesla boasts. Those preparing for when summer hits will probably welcome this feature, as heat stroke for pets left in cars becomes more common at the height of the hottest season.

Dog Mode can be accessed through climate control settings. There’s a “DOG” option that’s hard to miss. From here, you can adjust the temperature depending on your preference, as long as it is within the preset conditions.

Just because the feature is named Dog Mode doesn’t mean feline friends can’t benefit from this, too. It’s also important to make sure that you check any laws on leaving pets unattended temporarily when you use Dog Mode.

Tesla’s new update also comes with Sentry Mode. In a way, one could say that this enhances your dog’s protection. The Sentry Mode can alert if someone is a threat near your car and will switch to Alert Mode.

The update with Dog Mode and Sentry Mode is currently rolling out for Tesla Model 3 in the U.S. It’s slated to release on the Model S and Model X that were manufactured after August 2017.

Dog Mode Isn’t A Replacement For Dog Safety In The Car

Whatever the season, it is imperative to ensure that your dog is safe and secure when you take them somewhere in the car. It doesn’t matter if you are just temporarily leaving them for a bathroom break on a road trip. A short errand inside could go far longer than intended. We all get distracted sometimes.

There are 22 states that either make it illegal to leave your dog in a parked vehicle or grant immunity to those who break into cars to save animals in distress. Tesla’s new Dog Mode could help alleviate worries, but it won’t change those laws.

One possible downside of Dog Mode is that it might encourage dog owners to leave their pets in the car for longer periods of time. That could expose them to prying eyes of dog thieves.

Also, this feature will use the car’s battery. Dog Mode sends a mobile notification to the car owner when the battery drops below 20 percent. However, some people miss phone notifications, and if the battery dies, a dog still might be in danger from the elements.

Avoid leaving your dog, even temporarily, in the car during the height of summer or winter season, whether your car has Dog Mode or not. Make sure to check with your local laws on how to ensure your pet’s safety in the car.

And keep in mind that your pet is almost always safer at home than in the car. Unless it’s for a road trip or much-needed drive, leave your pet in the house instead of indefinitely leaving them in the car. Better yet, take them to places where pets are allowed to come inside.

What are your thoughts on the new Tesla Dog Mode? Is this something worth exploring for other cars? Let us know in the comments below!

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