Why Are Dogs So Loyal

Dogs have always been a pet and animal people always love to keep in their respective homes. They are not wild in nature, a reason for they being domesticated by a lot of people. In this part of the world, we have often heard about many folktales surrounding the domestication of dogs by humans and popular for dogs loyalty.

Some said dogs were chased out of the animal kingdom because it was a betrayer, it was being said that dogs loyalty will find a way to trick animals into the hunter’s grab thus exchanging animals with cooked bones made by the hunter to the dog all because dogs like chewing bones and they can get it by all means even if it means betraying some of their own.

So all these folktales hinged Why Are Dogs So Loyal to the fact that dogs are animals that has always like to be in man’s custody and to go with him wherever its owner goes.

People keep dogs obviously for many and diverse reasons thus giving way to letting us know how important and advantageous dogs are to human beings and dogs loyalty, I categorised the advantages into two;

1. The Old Age Advantages

2. The Modern Advantages.

1. In the olden days most especially among the Yoruba tribes, dogs has always been a helpful animal in hunting and sometimes killing other small animals for its owner (the hunter). Virtually all hunting expedition in the olden days even up to this day can’t be said to be meaningful if the dog is not present too. It is often regarded as the hunter’s friend. A dog can go with its owner for many days in the forest searching for bush meats without grumbling or complaining. Dogs are very useful during hunting, they have sharp eyes and ears which helps to detect animals movement easily. A dog once it catch a glimpse of any animal will run into the same direction thereby giving its owner an accurate direction on “which way to go”

Dogs are often referred by the Yoruba tribes as the Animal of “The god of iron”. This is a god that is popular and worshipped among the Yoruba and other black people. So dog as a special animal in the olden days is usually used as a form of sacrifice or appeasement to the god when the need arise. Dogs have always been useful since time immemorial.

2. Now the advantages of dogs in the modern day quite outweigh that of the ancient age. People now keep dogs in their house for security reasons. Dogs helps in scaring thieves or any intruder through their barking continuously. Sometimes it might bite the intruder in order to protect its owner by all means. Dogs are very useful in security purposes. No other animal has been quite functional in security purposes like dogs.

Dogs also provide a source of comfort and help to reduce the depression from their owner. Keeping dogs helps some of us to fight depression. Dogs are always a loving animal. Sometimes people keep dogs as a companion, their intimate friend who they can just live with each other. Taking care of dogs and seeing them wagging their tails make us feel happy and be less depressed. Dogs are always happy too if they were well taken care of. That’s why a happy dog will often look its owner’s face and wiggle around him, it’s to show that the dog is been happy around its owner. It’s also a way of showing their appreciation. Funny right?

Even as they like to share in your happiness, they are also ready to share in their owners unhappiness. A research shows that a dog will rather stay with its owner if he is unhappy and sat on the ground crying. It can sometimes see how unhappy its owner is and it thinks the best way to soothe him is to stay by his side. That’s why dogs also find it difficult to leave their owner’s graves peradventure the owner die. This is to prove dogs undying loyalty to man.

Dogs are also helpful in combat situations. They help police also in tracking down criminals when searching for them. They sniff them out and help the police in catching criminals. Dogs are also sent out during wars to detect bombs and land mines. They are often specially trained by army and police to help them all in their different missions. The importance of keeping dogs cannot be overemphasized. They are loyal pet who can do anything to make to make their owners happy and they are always happy when you are happy


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