When I was a kid, my super favorite animal in the whole wide world was never a dog but a panda. For me, as a child, the panda was the cutest of all. They are like real-life teddy bears who look so fluffy and cuddly, and always ready for a big hug.

But everything changed when my dad brought a little golden brown puppy. I fell in love with her instantly with her tiny little paws, the wagging tail, those little ears, and of course, the belly.

Not to mention that my little furry one, whom I named KC, would love to follow me around. She was my constant companion. Unfortunately, she only lasted for a few weeks.

Anyway, I’m no expert at all when it comes to dogs but as someone who has been a dog lover since childhood days and has owned several ones in my entire lifetime, I know stuff that some people don’t.

But, of course, every dog is different. Not only in size and breed but also with their characteristics. This means that just because my dogs let me do this while yours don’t, doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t fully trust you.

Furthermore, aside from the common facts like they follow you around, sleep in bed with you, yawn when you yawn, do the eye contact, and let you do the belly rub, here are some of the signs that your furry one trust you:

They let you touch them while they are eating

Some people say, “don’t touch a dog while eating, or you might be bitten.” However, if that’s your dog and you know him/her pretty well, and you both have that kind of bond that’s quite inseparable, then there’s nothing to worry about.

If your dog lets you touch him/her while eating without any sign of aggression, then that’s a sign that your dog trusts you a lot. No dog would let you trust them while they are having a feast with people they don’t trust.

They let you do the grooming

Grooming your dog is quite tricky. Not all dogs, even if it’s your own, would agree to have their owner do the grooming session, from shaving and cutting nails to brushing the teeth and cleaning the ears. But if your dog lets you do all this stuff, then congrats, your dog trusts you, and your grooming skills as well!

They let you hold her little puppies

Another sign that your dog trusts you is when she allows you to hold her newborn puppies. Again, not every dog lets you do this, even for just a sec.

I’m so lucky that Kiah had no issues with me in regards to this. She knew her little ones were in good hands.

They let you kiss their muzzle

If your dog allows you to kiss their muzzle, then that’s also a good sign that your furry baby trusts you and, of course, loves you. Not all dogs are comfortable doing this with their owner, and you being able to do this without any sign of aggression, then congrats!

So if your dog allows to you do all these four, then there is no doubt, you are a true dog lover, or else, your dog won’t give its full trust in you.


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