There are a ton of reasons why people say why dogs are man’s best friend. In the behavior of a dog, we can learn many things from them, such as their personality, resistance, behavior and his willingness to give his family members his unconditional love, his loyalty and his company until his last breath.

One of the answers to why dogs are man’s best friend is because dogs are friendly and love and seek human companionship. Who wouldn’t relax to see a happy dog when he waits for you at the end of a hard day? A dog does not judge you. A dog doesn’t care how you dress or if you’ve just had a bad day. No matter how his situation unfolds, his dog is there and happy to see you.

Dogs will greet you with the same enthusiasm every time you walk through that door, in addition to waiting for you at that door smiling, with their mouths open and their tails wagging, dogs are also playful. Dogs love physical activities like running, fetching sticks, walking in the park or outside the house, etc. Since dogs love to run, they will join you for a jog or play Frisbee. Another reason that dogs are man’s best friends is because they love to be cuddly and to be ready at any moment for a loving and comforting hug.

There are some cases where dogs can be trained and there are some dogs that cannot be trained and it depends on the owner. It is said that dogs can be trained so that they can easily cohabit with us in our human-built dwellings. They can also be trusted by other people and act appropriately around other people, especially in public places, and this is why they are the dog man’s best friend. Our dogs become members of our family in our homes, as they are always with us day and night. They can be our indoor and outdoor dogs, but not all the time. They play an important role in our family life, even when the family is not around.

Some dogs can easily go places with us everywhere, especially on a family vacation, as they can travel with us and part of our family are our companions that other animals cannot. A dog comes in various shapes, sizes and they are also beautiful animals to admire and look at. From their big beautiful eyes and gorgeous faces, to their smooth, soft, shiny coats to the tips of their cheerfully wagged tails, this is why they are man’s best friends. Like the other animals, dogs are one of the animals that have many different breeds to choose from, each one has the courage of what kind of dog they want, be it big or small, long or short muzzle, long hair or short -Hair, straight or curly hair, with an elegant face or a comic face and in any number of colors.

As I have said, why dogs are man’s best friend, his unconditional love, loyalty, acceptance and affection, and his joy and companionship towards us. For the return, we owe them the best, not just the best, but the best care we can provide, including their health, and having constant access to clean water and a comfortable shelter from the heat of the sun and cold weather. Regular brushing and ongoing veterinary care, plus annual vaccinations.

Above all, dogs deserve gentle treatment not only to dogs but also to other animals that are part of our lives. For me, since I love dogs, they deserve to have a lot of our time and attention. Our love for dogs makes their world go round as much as our love makes our world go round. Every time we give our love dogs our freedom, we can also receive their love in return. You can probably say that dogs can really be men and women and at the same time children’s best friends.


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