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Seresto has designed Seresto Flea in a revolutionary form of flea and tick repellant as a dog/puppy collar which develops flea and tick repellents over the exterior of the hair and skin of your puppy. The inactive ingredients provide puppies a long-term menace coverage, which lasts up to 8 months a time. The inventive compounds and design of the puppy flea build a mess-free painless approaching process. The collar is unscented and offers a grease-free coverage of the hair skin of the puppies.

Along with those notable safety benefits, Seresto Flea is likewise extraordinarily secure to use. The collar is designed with a contemporary ratchet launch mechanism and a delegated breaking factor so one can make certain your canine will by no means get stuck with the aid of using the collar.

How Does It Work 

After putting Seresto Flea on your puppy, the results of inactive flea and tick will be shown right away. Instead of adopting a monthly treatment routine, these puppies collars are developed to give protection against fleas and ticks along with the sustained launch era that protects your puppy for up to 8 months. 

During the eight months of protection, the active ingredients, Flumethrin and Imidacloprid of Seresto Flea secret a low concentration over the hair and skin of your puppy. The idiomatic technique of these collars built the Seresto dog collar’s longest-lasting single-use flea and tick prevention method available.

Advanced Features Of Seresto Flea

The advanced features of Seresto flea are given as:

Eight-months period that offers year-round and all seasons protection

Waterproof design

Secretion of repellent compounds for long-term protection 

Kills ticks & fleas during the 24 hours of the procedure 

Involvement of 10/100 and 4/100 Imidacloprid and Flumethrin elements

Ensures dog coverage up to 8 months 

Active Ingredients 

In  Seresto Flea, on top of the stylish appearance, the collar is formulated with inactive ingredients to hold off pests such as lice, fleas, and ticks from snibbing on to the skin and hair of your puppy. The Seresto dog collar has the following two main ingredients that are continuously saving your puppy from dangerous pests:

Imidacloprid (100mg/g)

Flumethrin  (45mg/g)

The combination of Imidacloprid and Flumethrin protects the puppies against ticks of all sizes and ages and will also combat fleas, kills fleas at every needed point of the life cycle. If itching or ticks are appearing on your puppy, it is a symbol that the eight-month period of Seresto Flea has got an end. 


One of the most recent elements of Seresto Flea for pests and illness is Imidacloprid. It is proved that Imidacloprid can reduce the risk of fleas and ticks up to 90%. It is especially used for killing:




In addition to the safety of your puppy, the chemical compound of Imidacloprid is safe for human contact. It means that when this element begins to spread over the surface of the skin and hair of your puppy, it is still safe to hug, cuddle and sleep with your puppy.

Imidacloprid is a collar developed to release gradually, contributing to eight months of effectiveness of Seresto Flea. It is merged with passive elements and some additional ingredients such as Flumethrin, which offers your puppy an invisible coating that will span across their whole body, giving protection against pests and invaders. 


Along with the Imidacloprid, Flumethrin has been approved upon for many years. It is also used to protect a dog against pests, fleas, ticks, and lice. Flumethrin is safe to use for pets. Along with these protections, Flumethrin helps to prevent blood-borne diseases that come from pests. It also offers great protection of the health and safety of your dog.

Flumethrin is designed to spread slowly over the skins and hair of puppies to prevent infestations or kills pests in contact. The occurrence of Imidacloprid and Flumethrin on the fur and skin of your puppy will assure fleas and ticks on the puppy’s body will be killed within 12 to 24 hours of contact. 

Diseases Caused By Seresto Flea

The main diseases a Seresto Flea can cause in your bet include:

Extreme Irritation 


These diseases come from fleas and are dangerous to your puppies’ health. Fleas can carry tapeworms, if these are ingested, they can give an extreme threat to the nutritional and bodily functions of your puppy. Even a single tapeworm can give a difficult time to your puppy’s health.

 If your puppy is facing a large-scale flea infection, it may be losing a lot of WBCs and RBCs from these pests. If your dog is facing a low energy level, then there is the possibility of anemia. Some most common effects of Seresto Flea on a puppy are irritation and dry skin,  scratching or chewing at skin and fur.

Side Effects Of Seresto Flea

Your puppy may face some side effects from one of these Seresto products. These side effects are very common but may include symptoms such as:

skin irritation

hair loss



The collars have been scientifically designed this formula in pest prevention to assure that the involved inactive ingredients are safe for the puppy and human contact. If your puppy has medical issues related to irritated skin or a sensitive stomach, then take special precautions when looking for a solution.

If your dog is facing any of these symptoms, remove the collar immediately to see if the problems lessen. These are common symptoms that your pet may experience, but if you have any questions about your pet and the effects of Seresto Flea ask a veterinarian specialist immediately. 


Seresto made a product that can be used on puppies of all sizes and most ages. It is harmful to use collars on puppies at an age under seven weeks old. Use the smaller dog collar on puppies at an older age and size up according to the size of your puppy. 

If there are fleas or ticks present on your puppy before the use collar,  remove them actively to assure your puppy’s health. It will start to work after setting it on for the first time, so the removal of pests is essential to ensure the safety of your puppy.

These are some common precautions, you should adopt:

Wash your puppy with pet shampoo

Use a good comb to set your puppy’s hair

Use a flashlight to find tiny pests

Remove pests with tweezers

After ensuring the dog is safe from pests, apply a Seresto flea collar for eight months of further protection and safety.



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